Eric Collins –
vocals & guitar
Daniel Day –
lead guitar
Joseph Bucklew –
Dean Lorenz –

“We feel like this project gets us back to where we started,” states Eric of the Lakeland, FL band Denison Marrs. “ This album was a group effort. We collectively came together and wrote each song, so it seemed appropriate for this CD to be self-titled. I think it’s very true to who we are as a band, at this time in our lives.”

Since their inception in 1995, Denison Marrs has received much critical acclaim and have become a fan favorite with their distinctive sound and high-energy performances. They have been a choice opener for many larger bands such as Switchfoot, Starflyer 59, Stavesacre, Copeland & on the festival circuit.

“On this project, we set off to let the songs do what they wanted to do,” notes Eric, “We tried to not focus quite as much on the structure or on the typical rules of songwriting. Hopefully we were able to let whatever needed to come out, come out.”

The band was given free reign, self-producing and recording the CD. Ken Andrews (Failure, Year of the Rabbit, ON) was brought in to mix. “We have all been long-time Failure fans, so when Ken agreed to mix the album, we were really happy. I think he was the perfect choice.”

Dean Lorenz is the latest addition to the band. He has played for several bands around Florida, so the band was well acquainted with him and his style of playing. “Dean has an interesting way of writing,” explains Daniel, “He was originally a guitar player, so he approaches songs differently than drummers typically do. We think it makes the songs feel a little different than on our past projects.” It should be noted that Dean also became Eric’s brother-in-law in June of 2004.

Lyrically, Denison Marrs is back to their basics. These are songs of day to day life, of love, of hope, of faith. Eric continues, “As a band we’ve gone through some changes over the past couple of years – we’ve been touring, writing, getting married, having children – and this album is reminiscent of that.”

Denison Marrs

Then Is The New Now
Denison Marrs
Dancing Over Me


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